Hiya toots.  

When most people think witch, they probably think of an old hag living in the swamp, an evil hook nosed green skinned cackling warlord with legions of flying monkeys, or maybe that great aunt who constantly dresses like she’s in mourning and has way too many cats.

I’ll admit, I do have two cats.  And wear a lot of black.  But that’s a personal choice, kapeesh?

Even with all the technological advances we’ve experienced, you might be surprised that there are still a lot of people who practice magic.  There’s several different branches of people who practice; there’s wiccans, pagans (from what I understand wiccans are pagan but not all pagans are wiccan… But tbh I have no clue since I’m neither), Christian witches, etc.  

I’m an atheist witch.  I know, I know.  Atheists have this bad reputation for being pretentious and rude, some people think because we don’t believe in a God then we must worship Satan (hello, that would be a satanist.  Not an atheist.  *heavy sigh*).  Personally, I don’t like to bring it up.  I hate talking religion because toes get stepped on and it’s just awkward.  So what does my being atheist have to do with my also being a witch? 

I don’t worship or call on any deities, for one thing.  While it might seem insignificant, but it does make it hard to find information and spells that doesn’t have to do with deities.  Which my friends is why we are here!  

The aim of this blog is to be a resource for other modern witches, to share my experiences, good and bad.  Be prepared for puns and lame jokes.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I love your site. It is defiantly ment for me to find. I to hate to have to answer questions about religion, to me witchcraft is a spiritual practice, a craft.
    I look forward to reading your posts and hopefully sharing good content back.


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