Spell Writing

How to Create a Sigil

Supplies needed:

  • Paper
  • Pen/Pencil
  • Pen/Marker in the proper color (optional)

Step One

Determine what you want.  In detail.  Like I said previously, being specific is key here.  So let’s look at the sigil I crafted for my test needs.

My statement was- I will ace my test.

Step Two

Prepare the statement.  Rewrite it, this time without any vowels (A,E,I,O,U, Y at your discretion.  Sometimes I’ll use a Y, sometimes I’ll nix it), and without any repeating letters.

My statement became- Wl c m ts

Step Three

Determine if you want to create the sigil using the english alphabet or if you want to use a different alphabet (runes, theban, whatevs).  I usually stick to the english alphabet.

Step Four

Arrange the letters from Step Two (or the translated ones from Step Three) in a way that speaks to you.  The letters can be a mix of upper and lower case, upside down, sideways, backwards, it doesn’t matter.  Sometimes it’ll take me quite a few different arrangements before I like how it looks.  I’ll usually start with a base letter and make it larger, then build off of it.

W was my base letter here, and off of that I added the other letters to create the sigil.

Step Five

Now that you have the sigil crafted, you can redraw it in ink using the color of the intention you’re reaching for (like I originally used purple for focus).  Or not, up to you.

To charge your sigil

Draw your energy from within and around you, the same as if you were casting a circle.  Instead of casting a circle however, focus on pouring that energy into the sigil you’ve crafted.  See in your mind the energy flowing from you and into the ink, glowing the color of your intent.  Focus on what you want to accomplish, on the purpose of this sigil.  Keep your intent strong and charge until you feel it’s good to go, ground the rest of your energy and you’re good to go.

Once you’ve really mastered drawing and grounding your energy, this is something that can be done anywhere and done relatively quickly, if you already know the sigil you’re using.  I’ll write sigils on scraps of paper to keep in my pocket or purse, I’ve written them on my body before, it’s a very versatile type of spell/charm.  Happy crafting!


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