Spell Writing

An introduction to Sigils

Besides being a word that phonetically makes me gag a little, sigils are, to make short of it, a highly effective, low magic method of casting.

When I say highly effective, of course that depends on your ability to craft a sigil. 

The key to a successful sigil is clearly stating what it is you need to be done. Think of it like you’re dealing with a genie (side note: personally I don’t believe they exist, and for some reason feel the need to clarify that.  Carry on.), You need to be as specific as possible to avoid misinterpretation or all hell can break loose, or it just won’t be very effective. 

For example, “I want to do well in school,” is less effective than “I will get an A on this test”.

So break out the paper and pen, we’re gonna cover how to craft sigils.


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