A spell for test taking

Good morning witchly people!

So I wasn’t a huge caster before the near end of 2016, but I’ve begun really embracing the craft. As I’ve said in other posts about spell casting and writing, it’s all about intent and energy. 

At the time of writing this spell, I had been up for almost two days straight studying for my final.  This was a last ditch plea for a mental boost.  

There were no candles lit, no crystals used. Just me, sitting at my desk contemplating a panic attack (I needed an A on the final) as my test was in about an hour.  I drew my circle and went for it.

The spell-

Ancient mind 

Wiser soul 

Correct answers 

I will find

Guide my thoughts 

Sharpen my wit

Knowledge will be mine


By waxing moon

And desperate plea

As I say 

So mote it be.

I wrote a sigil for acing a test, and surrounded it by runes for wisdom and mental prowess and good luck. I continued to chant the spell a total of thirteen times, while writing it down on paper as well using purple ink. Afterwards I used the same purple ink to draw the sigil on my arm along with the runes. 

And guess who got a 114 on her final 😎

Obviously you still HAVE TO STUDY.

I studied my ass off. But I had made B’s on every test that class, so my confidence wasn’t so high. As long as you study, this spell can help give you a lucky boost. 

The top left rune is for academic brilliance 

Top right is for quick results 

Bottom left is for mind power

Bottom right is for good luck.


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